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(n) If the rent or part of the required rent is not paid seven (7) days after the due date, or if the tenant does not meet or does not meet any of the conditions, the lessor is required to immediately distribute the tenant of the premises and this contract is deemed to have expired. (c) The lessor undertakes to authorize the tenant to occupy the premises without the intervention of the lessor or to have the freedom to occupy the premises, subject to the respect of the monthly rents by the tenant and the respect of the conditions or other conditions of this agreement, Academia edu is a platform for academics to share the research work. This agreement shall be concluded on the day and year indicated in section 1 of the first calendar between the party, the name and description of which are indicated in section 2 of the first schedule after calling the lessor. Examples of contractual documents or agreements for warehouse and warehouse buildings. (e) The tenant pays and pays all electricity and water bills used in the premises during the term of the contract and the invoices are given to the lessor as proof. f) The lessee authorizes the lessor or any person authorized by the lessor to enter or be part of it to monitor and inspect the condition of the premises at an appropriate time. For the purposes of this inspection, the landlord must inform the tenant 24 hours before entering the premises or part of it. (g) Without the prior written consent of the lessor, the tenant does not bring or approve, authorize, direct or modify the facilities and devices. If a modification or addition is allowed, the tenant does so at his own expense, without the right to require a contribution or assistance from the owner. (h) The tenant may not assign, rent, sell, release or share ownership of the premises or parts thereof without the prior written consent of the lessor.

(i) The tenant will maintain the planting of furniture through the preservation and maintenance of grass, flowering trees and will not lower fruit and floral trees without the prior authorization of the owner. (j) The tenant ensures the cleanliness of the premises. (k) The tenant will guard and maintain the premises, including flows, electrical lines, sewers and all mirrors and windows, closing covers and all of them and the owner`s facilities during the rental period. . . .

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