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Following the Sulamérica Court of Appeal1, the court stated that the notion of severability could not be used to prevent a court from interpreting the arbitration clause with the rest of the main agreement. On appeal, the Court of Appeal set aside this decision. He assumed that an arbitration agreement, in the absence of a choice of party, should be subject to the law of the seat of arbitration (in this case English law); that the Russian proceedings violated the arbitration agreement; and that insurers should be prevented from continuing the Russian procedure for for. The Court of Appeal therefore issued a publication ban against the appeals. One of the ways to reduce the cost of arbitration is through careful development. Disputes over the interpretation of an arbitration agreement are surprisingly common, and their resolution – through negotiations or inter-judicial hearings – is an expensive matter. In the latest issue, Deborah Ruff and Charles Golsong gave instructions to negotiate an ICC arbitration agreement involving a state or public body. Our questions and answers deal with the current legislation of the arbitration agreement. The English Court of Appeal was to rule on the applicable law of an arbitration agreement providing for arbitration proceedings in Paris, but contained in a main agreement, expressly governed by English law, and whether the KFG became a party to the main agreement and/or arbitration agreement, although the main contract did not contain any oral provisions for amendment. KJS argued that, for a number of reasons, there was no explicit choice of English law as the applicable law of the arbitration agreement, including: during the implementation of the FDA and after the reorganization of the company took place, a dispute arose under the agreement and Kabab initiated arbitration proceedings directly against Kout and not against its newly acquired subsidiary. Al Homaizi, although the latter remained the designated licensee. The FDA contained an arbitration agreement fixing the seat of the Paris arbitration. A Paris-based arbitral tribunal applied French law to the question of whether Kout had become a party to the arbitration agreement and decided that this was the case because of the parties` conduct.

The court then found Kut responsible for an FDA violation. This implies the concept of „separability“ of arbitration agreements. Most modern national arbitration laws (including the Arbitration Act 1996 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland) recognise severability, i.e. an agreement to submit disputes to arbitration may be treated for certain purposes as a separate agreement, even if it is part of a broader treaty. In the absence of this concept of separation, any dispute (legitimate or otherwise) about the existence or validity of the main contract would, by definition, call into question the existence of the arbitration agreement contained therein, which could undermine the agreed dispute settlement mechanism, which could lead to satellite disputes and possibly leave the parties in the absence of adequate means of dispute settlement. After the publication of the arbitral award, kfG filed on December 13, 2017, a motion for nullity was filed before the French courts, Paris being the seat of the arbitration. This request is expected to be judged by the Paris Court of Appeal in February 2020. On 21 December 2017, the claimant and the arbitrator sought enforcement of the award as a judgment in London under section 101 of the Arbitration Act 1996. On 1 March 2018, KFG requested, pursuant to paragraph 103(2)(a) and (b) of the Arbitration Act 1996, the rejection of the recognition and enforcement of the award, that the `arbitration agreement was not valid under the law to which the parties submitted it`. The agreement may also indicate how the arbitration is conducted.

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