Defense Travel Management Office Rental Car Agreement

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*Information 2/2011 Who can use the Government Rental Car Program? Military personnel and employees of the federal government, including the United States Postal Service, during official travel status and if such a rental has been authorized by the government. Why should federal government travelers use the Government Rental Car Program? The program has been designed to meet the needs of government travelers and offer quality rentals by approved providers at more than 10,000 rental sites. The Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) manages the program through the car rental agreement. This agreement offers the benefit of discounted rates and special rental benefits such as: free collision/damage waiver or loss/damage waiver and liability insurance coverage; no charge for drivers under 25 years of age; and no fees for additional authorized drivers, unlimited miles and no minimum rental time. (c) passengers must use the cheapest compact car available, unless an exception is allowed for another category of vehicles. Agencies should allow such derogations to a limited extent and must indicate on the travel authorisation the reason for such derogation. Your agency may allow the use of a car other than a compact car if one of the following applies: (6) If this is necessary for safety reasons, for example.B. in case of bad weather or in case of travel in rough or difficult terrain. (2) The contract includes automatic insurance of indefinite duration for mileage and collision damage; and (e) travelers are not reimbursed for fees related to loyalty points for car rental or transfer of points charged by car manufacturers. (5) If travellers are required to take a large amount of government equipment to their official store and a compact rental vehicle does not offer them enough space. 3. The rates set in the car rental contract must not be exceeded by the seller. (4) If additional space is required to accommodate several staff members who are entitled to travel together in the same rental vehicle.

*Information available 2/2011 Who can use the United States…

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