End User License Agreement Violation Kaspersky

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Moderator: Screenshot of the deleted key license ID. Remember is a public forum. • To improve the interaction and experience of users with our products and services, in particular to modify the interfaces and provide the desired content and advertising in the context of marketing. If Eugene Kaspersky really wanted to allay the fears of customers and potential customers, he would pass all the communication between the company`s servers and the approximately 400 million installations on client computers via an independent monitoring center. The evaluators were able to see which orders and software updates were placed from Kaspersky headquarters to these customers and what was returned in response. Of course, reviewers should sign confidentiality agreements to protect Kaspersky`s intellectual property, but they are expected to discover any actual abuse of the software. It`s a bold idea, but it`s the only way for everyone to be sure of what the company is actually doing, and the only real way to regain trust in the market. Let`s see if he does. 5.4. The end user is solely responsible for familiarizing himself with the user manual, in particular with regard to data processing, with the privacy policy of the rightholder, which describes the data processing (www.kaspersky.com/Products-and-Services-Privacy-Policy) and determining whether it meets the requirements of the end user. • allow users (using the contact details indicated in the „contact“ or via the interface of our products and services) to question the accuracy and completeness of personal data and to have them amended, corrected or deleted in an appropriate and possible manner in the relevant context; • verify the validity and veracity of the claims made by the user by appropriate means before any modification of the personal data (in order to ensure that the changes are duly approved), if any; • give users the choice whether or not to allow the processing of their personal data, unless users cannot voluntarily refuse their consent or if current legislation expressly allows the processing of personal data without the consent of the natural person. When the activation code is used to activate the software, the end user undertakes to regularly provide the rightholder with the following information in order to verify the legal use of the software: type, version and location of the installed software, versions of installed updates, identification of the computer and identification of the installation of the software on the computer, activation code and unique identifier of the current activation The license, the type, version and size of the operating system words, the name of the virtual environment when the software is installed in the virtual environment, and the identifiers of the software components active at the time the information is transmitted. • provide users with prior consent to information that is characterised by the principle of openness, transparency and notification; and software for multiple environments; multilingual software; dual-media software; several copies; Packages…

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