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With most things, a preliminary agreement won`t work for everyone, but with a good understanding, they can be very beneficial to you, the customer. Some contractors have considered contracts as preparatory contracts or preliminary speeches dealing with the preparation of a house, such as development and specification work, to be outside the scope of the DBCA. However, in a 2009 decision, the Supreme Court of Victoria ruled that preparatory employment contracts or preliminary contracts are construction contracts under the DBCA. If you have decided that you cannot work with your contractor during this period, everything will be said and done as soon as the agreed commitments are met. Make sure you understand the costs of filling out the preliminary agreement and consultant documents. If you decide to build with another party, chances are you will lose your deposit to cover construction costs. Preliminary agreements serve consumers by allowing them to obtain plans and a price so that they can then decide on the progress of a construction contract. A consumer is not required to do so, but expects a financial loss of his „deposit“ or more if he does not enter into a construction contract. Note as if the plans are prepared, they usually remain the property of the owner. If you decide not to continue construction, the owner may offer to sell the plans, or keep them yourself. An interim agreement is often used to obtain early documents such as land expertise and basic data, or to develop the design, plans and specifications for the construction or renovation of a home. The most frequently asked question is whether the signing of a provisional blocking agreement in this contractor for construction, the short answer is no.

The preliminary agreement will be concluded before the offer phase, so that the builder of your choice has a lot of leeway to start the project. Not all PAs are equal, for example some agreements provide that the contractor keeps the plans at the end of the process, not the client. It is important that you discuss the ownership of the plans finalized before the signing of the Palestinian Authority and that you must ensure that everything is clear within the Palestinian Authority. We always ensure that a particular condition is met, namely that the plans belong solely to the customer. A contractor assigns a registered contractor to perform „preliminary work to conduct the land review, including soil review, plan development, comprehensive plans and specifications for the application and obtain the necessary approvals“ for $25,000 before entering into a construction contract.

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