Sample Mutual Separation Agreement

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The parties undertake to respect and maintain the trust and confidentiality agreements established before the termination of the employment relationship. This should include the disclosure of all information relating to the separation of the employment relationship. This Voluntary Exemption and Mutual Separation Agreement („Agreement“) sets forth the agreement between you, Paul B. Kuzserov and Humana Inc. and its related companies and subsidiaries („Humana“) regarding the reciprocal termination of your employment relationship with Humana. Taking into account your agreement to the terms mentioned below and the mutual benefits to be derived under this provision, provided that you have this agreement on or after your last date of employment, on 31 It is agreed that this correspondence agreement (this „Mutual Separation Agreement“) and a separate agreement entered into by you and IDEXX Laboratories by you and IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. (the „Company“) at the same time (the „Master Advisory Agreement“) define the conditions under which you and your tenure as an employee of the Company and its subsidiaries and related companies (in summary, „IDEXX“) and you (i) continue to serve the Company as a member of the Board of Directors („Board“), but resign as Chairman of the Board and (ii) the Company to serve as a senior advisor without staff (a „Senior Advisor“). By signing below, you agree to the terms set forth in this Mutual Separation Agreement and acknowledge that, unless otherwise agreed between the parties, the Officer will continue to perform his or her EPP human resources duties until February 29, 2020. The officer will release March 1, 2020, the date of publication, from any task related to the company, unless he is properly available by phone and email to answer all questions of the company.

In addition to what is expressly stated below, the agreement supersedes all prior agreements, oral and written, concluded between the company or related company and the director that relate to the employment of the director. For the purposes of this Agreement, „related entity“ means a legal person controlled or controlled directly or indirectly by the company or under common control with the company, regardless of the country in which that legal person is registered. The employer will continue to offer health insurance for a period of 30 days beyond the date of this separation agreement. All provisions of this Agreement that are declared illegal, unenforceable or invalid by the Court, or that are invalidated or adjudicated, are excluded from this Separation Agreement. The employee is given 5 days after receiving this separation agreement to verify and review this agreement. The employee acknowledges and understands that he or she has not received any other promises, threats, inducements or agreements that led him or her to enter into this agreement. It sets out the contractual terms on which Ellis Yan („Yan“) will divest himself of his management positions and employment with TCP International Holdings Ltd („TCPI“) and its subsidiaries and related companies (the „Company“). The company and Yan agree that an orderly transition is in the best interest of the company and its shareholders. The company and Yan, for a good and valuable consideration whose maintenance and sufficiency are confirmed and intend to be legally bound, agree in the following way..

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