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It also opposed the Sunningdale Agreement of 1973, which proposed the creation of a cross-border Council of Ireland to oversee a limited range of economic and cultural affairs in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. In 1974, the agreement led to a criling general strike of Protestant trade unionists, that of the DUP. On 4 January 1974, four weeks after the signing of the agreement, Ulster Unionist Council voted against the new Council of Ireland by 427 votes to 374. This forced Faulkner to resign as head of the UUP, even though he retained his position as chief executive. After heated debates, the Unionist representatives finally recognised the formation of an Irish Council. The negotiating parties signed the final agreement on 9 December. The Sunningdale Agreement was signed in December 1973, which aimed to establish a power-sharing executive in Northern Ireland and a cross-border council in Ireland. . . .

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