Why The 1900 Buganda Agreement Was Signed

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[9] However, under the Uganda Agreement of 1900, the Kabaka was only required to respond to this advice if the Lukiiko resolutions were implemented. Relations between the Kabaka, the Protectorate government and its ministers deteriorated, and due to the governor`s limited power under the 1900 agreement to impose his council on Kabaka, the reorganization led to a steady decline in the influence that the Protectorate government could exert in Buganda. [9] Assuming that the area of the Kingdom of Uganda, as it exists within the boundaries specified in the agreement, amounts to 19,600 square miles, it is divided in the following proportions: By establishing Uganda`s northern border as the Kafu River, the 1894 agreement formalized Colvile`s promise that Uganda would receive certain areas in exchange for its support against the Bunyoro. [1] Two of the „lost counties“ (Buyaga and Bugangaizi) were returned to Bunyoro after the 1964 referendum on the lost Ugandan counties. [7] 5. . . .

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